Pole Position Productions can develop editorial for your organisation's or company's publication that will inform and excite your readership while at the same time helping you to create or increase advertising revenue, through its proven 'hands on' approach.

Pole Position Productions can help your organisation to improve your customer loyalty or membership retention.

A successful custom or members' publication is a relevant and useful tool which will help you retain members or build customer loyalty, which will mean repeat business.

The following are benefits of a professionally produced customer or membership publication:

  • Deliver a tangible outcome for your members or customers;
  • Keep members or customers informed;
  • Create member or customer loyalty;
  • Retain members or customers (i.e. repeat business means increased profit margins);
  • Create a lucrative revenue stream through advertising in your magazine, or offset costs so that you have a cost-neutral promotional tool.

Pole Position Productions can supply editorial to your organisation, or through our affiliated network, we can provide complete publication services, including: editorial, photography, graphic design, printing and advertising.

To find out how we can help increase your bottom line through a custom publication please do not hesitate to contact us using the details on the Contact Us page.